Student Council

Our Executive

Nadia, Luka, Sydney, & Dillon

Gr. 7

Terence, Chet, Ethan, Jace, & Hailey

Gr. 8

Brendan, Madison, Colby, Brooke, Erica, Dustin, & Reese

We were finally able to reorganize our student council. Elections were held and the students got busy organizing a spirit week for K-12, held in conjunction with Halloween.

Stay tuned for more exciting updates and events!

Students in grades 7-12 have to opportunity to become involved in student council. Ultimately, the student council is able to make decisions regarding a variety of extra-curricular activities and events within the school. Examples:

  • Halloween Food Drive

  • Spirit Week

  • M.Y. Dances

  • Mitten Tree

  • Canteen

We will be looking to fill our President/Co President Roles, as well as Secretary, Treasurer, Sports Reps, and Room Reps.

The Teacher Advisor for this group is Ms. Ardiel.