SLS Blog

Our New Web Page

The grade 10 class has been learning about web design and Google Sites, as a part of their Web Design course. We are pleased to share with you, our newly updated school web page.

The home page was designed by Emma and Sydney. The rest of the class will actively be involved in updating and designing material for our website.

Terry Fox Run

On September 27th we did our annual Terry Fox run. We started by coming together in our gym and listening to music for a bit before we listened to a speech by student council member Dillion. After that, we exited the gym and started our run. The route we took was through the campground, over the bridge through the golf course and back again to the school to enjoy oranges.

Student Council Retreat

In the afternoon of September 16th the student council had a meeting to discuss their plans for the upcoming school year. Before they started the student council members enjoyed a pizza lunch. Students got into groups and decided what month they wanted to plan and took time to plan some activities. They then gathered and shared their ideas with everyone. Nominations and votes were held to decide on who would be in charge of each secretarial position. After voting the following positions were chosen: Thomas as president, Sydney as vice president, Taylor as secretary, Nicole as treasurer, Emma and Dante as canteen supervisors and Alyssa and Brady as sports rep.

Guests in Math

Mrs. Shwaluk's class has been having guests from the community come and do math with her students!

Global Read Aloud

The Grade 9 class took part in the GRA program and connected with students from Innisfil, Ontario.

Our Mitten Tree Campain (2019)

Our student council is once again running our mitten campaign. The students of SLS are encouraged to think of others this holiday season. Working in conjunction with our local Christmas Cheer program, the outdoor accessories that we collect will be donated to the hampers that volunteers create to give to those in need.

For each item brought in, students can enter their names in a draw (K-6 and 7-12) for a movie pass to Landmark Cinemas.

We contacted a local rep from Christmas Cheer who was very much in support of this initiative. She indicated that there was a need for toques, mittens/gloves, and neck warmers. So if you are able to give, please do - Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.

To the community members who have stopped by to add items to our tree, we extend our thanks!


Many students from SLS took part in the code-a-thon that was organized by Mrs. Gorrell and Mrs. Obach (our divisional LwICT Teacher Leader).

The grade 2 and 3 students had fun teaching the other SLS students all about coding.