News from the Shark Tank

Varsity Girls Volleyball

Cross Country Running

On October 8th the annual Park West Cross Country meet was held at the Shoal Lake Golf Course. The meet was run by Mr. Martin, Mr. Maynes, the grade 9s and some grade 10s. Congratulations to Cole, Nathan and Lacy for placing in the top three in their age division and to all of the other participants from Shoal Lake School.

Thanks to their coach, Ms. Ardiel

Middle Years Volleyball

The are three middle years volleyball teams at Shoal Lake School, the mixed 5-6 team, the girls 7-8 and the boys 7-8 team.

Since the 2019 season has just begun for the mixed 5-6 team, they have not gone to a tournament yet but are planning to set up one in the following weeks. There are lots of eager students ready to play as seen in their lunchtime practices run by their coaches, Mrs. Manns and Mrs. Nickel. They have 14 students in total, 8 girls and 6 boys.

The 7-8 girls have just come back from the tournament last week and are preparing for the next tournament coming up tomorrow. Their practices are after school run by their coaches, Mrs Watson and the assistant coaches, Taylor and Alexice.

The 7-8 boys just came back from a tournament in Hamiota, winning 4 out of their 6 games. Their practices are also after school and their team is coached by Donalea and Mrs. Mckay.